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Event Service on your Schedule! 

How the Recurring Mre service works:

Would you like your favorite event delivered to your door on a recurring schedule of your choosing? Then Mre's Service is perfect for you.

Step 1 Membership Plan

The first step is to understand your goals. We will then plan the perfect event calendar to fulfill your needs & budget. 

Step 2: Recieve Event Invitations & RSVP

Create AWARENESS with a custom Event invitation and Webpage! Have your guests RSVP  

Promote your Event!
Perfect for printing, distributing, and social media! 


Step 3 : Event Day & Host

 Our team members will handle the in's and out's of your events so you won't lift a finger! 

Step 4 : Recap & Share Event Memories

Share all the memories on social media. All videos & pictures from our events are uploaded for easy sharing.

Step 5 : Plan for The Future

 Simplify your life!
Plan your events 3, 6, or 12 Months in Advance.
To Save money and time, you must prepare for the future!

Simple Invoicing

Approved On-site Vendor

 RMIS, Compliance Depot, OPS technology.We are approved for simple invoicing. 



Question 1: Do I have to book each month? We don't host events that often/Don't have the budget for that.

Absolutely not! We are here to work with your budget and still provide events to your community. We have 12, 6, 4 & 3 month plans. Most common is 6 - 12 events a year.



Question 2: I have a pretty small budget every month. Can I combine 2 - 3 months budgets for 1 event? But can you still invoice be each month?

Yes. We can create a customize payment plan to fit your budget, don't worry about it!



Question 3: Is there a membership fee?

No fee! Just a hug each time we see you.


Question 4: Who can join the Membership?

This is exclusive to the Multihousing Industry. Our goal is to increase community engagement through fun, memorable parties. 


Question 5: Why Should I Join?

Joining the Membership program creates a whole world for your community and residents. It adds CONSISTENCY. Adding consistent events lets us plan for the future and creates new realms of opportunities to transform your property into a well-connected community. Nothing is more powerful than when people come together. If your budget doesn’t allow for monthly events, we encourage events every other month or on your schedule that best suits your property.


Question 6: What are some membership perks?

- Save Time, Plan Ahead! 

- Pick Your Dates Early 

- Promote Upcoming Events all Year 

- Build Retention Rate and a Sense of Community 

- Customized Webpage to Promote Upcoming Events, Pictures & More 

- Event Calendar & Monthly Individual Event Invitations


- More Active and Social Event Experience for your Residents that ever before!


- Beautifully-crafted Fun Luxurious Events!




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